What We Do

Our Vision

To create a bridge one country to another for african citizens to walk across in collaborations for african solutions by africans to africa and the globe.

Our Mission

The intentional unity of South Africa and Nigeria to emancipate the rest of the continent for economic empowerment. together we evolve.

5 Pillars of Southgerian Lifestyle


Africa’s fast growing sectors are agriculture, tourism, telecommunication, banking, infrastructure, oil and gas. at least 10 African countries rank among the top ten sources for at least, a mineral resource. Nigeria and south Africa make up almost half of Africa’s GDP in total. with these facts Southgerian lifestyle sees no borders but opportunities to have Africans drive their own economy and derive their own solutions. collaborations and strengthening of person to person relations shall contribute to the this realization that can only be a win for all children of the African soil and future generations.



Petrolium and natural gas


Petrolium and petrolium products

Morroco, Tunisia, Lesotho

Textile (clothing and shoes)

Mali, Togo , Benin


South Africa, Burkina Faso & Tanzania


Namibia and DRC


Zambia and Zimbabwe

Copper & platinum

Ivory Coast and Ghana

Cocoa beans


Women, children including the youth remain the most vulnerable in the African continent. Women, and young women in particular, face structural discrimination due to the patriarchal nature of most societies. Young women are often amongst the most marginalized, vulnerable and – if they live in rural/remote areas, or precarious human settlements – hardest to reach young people. Young women make up nearly half of the world’s population, yet are regularly prevented from accessing basic services and decent employment. Unleashing the potential of girls and young women is an effective pathway to addressing poverty, improving access to health, education and sanitation, making societies more inclusive and reducing violence in communities.

Gender inequality
women and girls still lag far behind in Africa, 70% of women are excluded financially. the continent has a us$42 billion financing gap between men and women. according to Mckinsey’s power of parity report: advancing women’s equality in Africa, Africa’s gender parity stands at 0.58 (1 would be full parity).

Gender based violance
A deadly danger is growing in the shadows: violence against women and girls. whether physical, sexual, emotional or mental, violence against women and children is fast growing across the continent and together with stakeholders such as UNDP, UN-Women, Powa and other global partners we look to create safe homes and educate women on their right to a safe environment and healthy lifestyles. 16 days of activism against gender based violance is one of our passions to collaborate with the rest of the world in saying no to GBV. From Novomber 25th – December 10th annually the 16 days of activism against gender-based violence is an annual international campaign that kicks off on 25 November, the international day for the elimination of violence against women, and runs until 10 December, human rights day. It was started by activists at the inaugural women’s global leadership institute in 1991 and continues to be coordinated each year by the center for women’s global leadership. It is used as an organizing strategy by individuals and organizations around the world to call for the prevention and elimination of violence against women and girls.


Because culture and heritage convey the spirit of the people who created them, they can help young people to acquire inter- and intra- cultural understanding. … education would become more contextual and children are able to understand local culture and their historical heritage better.

Within the African context we have borders imposed on us by the collonial age and despite almost all African states being independent, we still battling coexistence.

Heritage education therefore becomes as pillar of eradication of all the negative stereotypes created by distance between Africans and the creation of a new Africa where we can interprete our exitence through understanding of our history. The critical importance of knowing how we all fought for freedom alongside each other, not against each other. Heritage education will directly speak to the social ills such xenophia and help bring an end to a beautiful continent ravaged by lack of information and knowledge.

ubuntu # i am because you are!!


Culture incorporates social behaviour and norms of a society as well as the language, knowledge, beliefs, traditions, arts, customs, capacities and habits of a certain community and the 2021 theme is a declaration at a continental level for member states to invest more resources in promoting national and regional cohesion by investing in African culture and heritage as a vehicle for promoting and achieving the national economic and social development goals outlined in Africa’s agenda 2063.


The AU year of the arts, culture and heritage: levers for building the Africa we want”. As Southgerian lifestyle we fully believe in the au and maintain a view that globally, the cultural and creative industries (ccis) play a key role in contributing to GDP. In recognition of the importance of ccis in achieving the agenda 2063 objectives of regional integration, inclusive and sustainable economic growth and development,

The beauty of African arts and crafts
The African art and crafts includes: wood carvings, paintings, masks and masquerades, statues, bronze and stone works, clothings including batiks, weavings, tie and dye, beads, trinkets and bracelets; leather art works, home decor and kitchen wares, etc.



Africa has become one of the continents in the world priding itself with WorldcCass sports facilities. With South Africa having successfully hosted the FIFA WORLD CUP 2010 and many African Countries qualifying for the world cup, there is no questioning the continent’s strength in sports. It is said sports naturally brings the people from all walks of life together and to that statement SouthGerian Lifestyle agrees.

With the likes of Dr Patrice Motsepe, Africa’s top 10 most wealthiest man being the current President of CAF, we are certain sports as an industry not only contributes immensely to the Economy of the continent but has direct positive impact on lives of many thus families, communities and nations being elevated through sports. The Olympics have also seen many African Countries birth global sports icons across genders, race and age.


The African Film Industry has grown a lot over the decades and currently ranks as top two (2) biggest film industry in the world. Nigeria is a great example of success in this respect. Nigeria’s film industry, called “Nollywood”, produces 2500 movies each year. It is Africa’s biggest and the world’s second-largest film industry by volume, placing it right behind India’s Bollywood.

The South African film industry contributes R2. 5-billion ($360-million) a year to the Gauteng economy. 80% of the over 150 registered producers in South Africa are based in Gauteng. Gauteng is home to approximately 70% of all South African TV productions – seven out of the top 10 SA TV shows are Gauteng-based.

SouthGerian Lifestyle believes telling authentic African stories can change the narrative and break down the stereotypes currently diving the continent as opposed to uniting it through the medium of media, being the most powerful in the world. An intentional collaborated film and production industry has the fastest method of getting African to co-exist and embrace itself One Country to another.


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