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There are many people who view writing in their diary as a therapeutic operation, so keeping their thoughts private is of the utmost importance. VOVSOFT – Desktop Diary is one of the apps that can help you achieve this, while also packing these tasks within a neat GUI. Supports several accounts One of the benefits of this utility is that it can be used by multiple users, each with its own account name and chosen password (if you change your mind, you can change the assigned password later on). This way, once a user is done working on their journal, they only need to logout and leave room for another person to log in. As a side note, it would be really useful if you could logout using a pre-defined hotkey, so as to be able to quickly exit the diary if are interrupted unexpectedly. User-friendly diary application When it comes to the main window of VOVSOFT – Desktop Diary, you can easily add text to the current day or you can select a different day from the integrated calendar. The text can be formatted as you wish, by adjusting the alignment, inserting a bulleted list or modifying the font's size, type and color. You can also switch between bold, italic, underline and strikeout using either your mouse cursor, or using the well-known associated hotkey combinations. Support export and import If you plan to move to a different computer or simply share your contents with your buddy, you can export the data within seconds, and importing the records can be done just as easily. To sum things up All in all, VOVSOFT – Desktop Diary is a nice little app that can encourage you to put down your thoughts and ideas in a digital diary, then protecting your privacy with a password of your own choosing.









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*It’s easy to make a diary, just start typing and your entries will appear. *Write in the context of specific categories. *Keep all your diary records in one place, and easily export and import them. *It’s possible to categorize your diary according to your own wishes. *The program comes with a calendar and reminder system. *Works with multiple accounts (different users). What’s New: – Improvements. This is a program that aims to become your diary’s savior. It’s an easy-to-use diary software that is packed with useful features. It supports different categories and has a calendar and reminder system. If you’re in need for a diary, you should give this a try. VOVSOFT – Desktop Diary User Reviews: There are no reviews yet for VOVSOFT – Desktop DiaryQ: Return to previous page after form submission I am submitting a form with javascript. I want to return to the previous page after the form is submitted. Code: html: function submitForm(form) { var xhttp = new XMLHttpRequest(); xhttp.onreadystatechange = function() { if (this.readyState == 4 && this.status == 200) { alert(‘form submission done’); //window.location = “”; } } var url = “”; xhttp.open(“GET”, url, true); xhttp.send(); } A: Try this code : function submitForm(form) {

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=========== Introducing VOVSOFT – Desktop Diary Free Download for Windows. It is an easy to use, flexible and user-friendly personal diary program for Windows. This mobile diary application is filled with many handy functions that help you keep a record of everything that happens. Edit EditText is really handy if you need to manually enter text into a lengthy entry. You can easily perform all editing operations (like copy/paste, undo, redo, capitalize letters, etc.) as well as formatting operations (like bold, italic, underline, strikethrough, strikeout, add strikeout, capitalize letters,…) without the need to leave the app. Convert YouTube to MP3 In this article, you’ll learn how to download YouTube videos to your Mac. Microsoft, Apple, and Google are in the business of selling computers. These companies make billions from the hardware. However, a relatively obscure but popular application, called YouTube Downloader, is still not available on the Mac App Store. So, it is that I explain how to download YouTube videos directly to your Mac. Step 1: Set up browser The first step is to download the appropriate browser. For simplicity, we will use Apple’s Safari. Step 2: Open YouTube Once you have downloaded Safari, open it and navigate to YouTube.com. You should see something like this: Step 3: Open the video Now that you are in YouTube, you have to click the video you want to download. At this point, the video will start to play. Notice that the video plays continuously. Click the “Download” button to pause the video, then go to the next step: Step 4: Fill out file name and location Now that the video is paused, click the “Download” button on the browser. This will open a dialog box and allow you to select a location to save the video: Step 5: Start the download Now that you have filled out the file name and location, the video will start downloading. Once the download finishes, you will see something like this: Step 6: Watch the video Congratulations, you have now downloaded the YouTube video. Now that you have the video file on your desktop, you can launch it from the Finder. Option to customize length of time for the video to play after it is downloaded. Option to choose the quality of the video if it is downloaded. 7ef3115324

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VOVSOFT Desktop Diary is a digital diary application for Windows platform that allows you to record your daily activities. Vovsoft Desktop Diary is available in three different versions: Vovsoft Basic (version 1.0), Vovsoft Mini (version 1.0) and Vovsoft Classic (version 1.1). Vovsoft Desktop Diary is able to record your daily activities like a digital diary, even when the computer is in sleep mode. Vovsoft Desktop Diary is a useful tool for a new life. In this post I would like to talk about a new command-line tool for Linux that will surely come in handy during the setup and installation process of your linux system. The tool you are about to learn is called MD5SUMS, and it’s the package’s MD5 checksums, those bit by bit check of a file’s digital content against its public key, for verification purposes. I will show you a few command-line examples, to be more precise I will show you how to use this tool to generate the MD5 sums of both the tools and the packages that I downloaded from the official web page of Ubuntu. The MD5SUMS utility will provide you with the list of all the packages and tools used on your Linux, much like a list of all the packages or tools used to build the OS. It is possible to see more information about the package’s contents in a very interesting way. MD5SUMS – Info function Let’s see the utility in action using the info function, with a simple example: $ md5su > md5sums $ cat md5sums Total: 10 size/name 100% 4007 OK MD5SUM 100% 1660 OK MD5SUMS 100% 1660 OK $ This simple command will list the contents of the md5su file in the screen, thus showing you the results of the checksum along with other info of that file. This allows you to easily see that the tool is already installed on your system, as well as the fact that the package is available in the repositories (if you read this sentence, you already know how to use the Add/Remove functions of your default software manager). Reading the contents of the document MD5SUMS will also display the full package’s contents on the screen, a sort of read me information that will be extremely useful during the installation process. If you want to verify

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Record your thoughts in a digital diary Protect your privacy by assigning a password of your own Share your diary with your friends and family and keep it separate to other information What’s New in this Version: 1.2.29: – Corrected address and password for one of the accounts are now saved in the details section – The application can now be used without internet connection and it now remembers your previous settings – Minor fixes and other improvements 3.99: – Fixed bugs and improved the application 3.98: – New version was released 3.97: – Some improvements and fixes were made 3.96: – New version was released 3.95: – Some improvements and fixes were made 3.92: – New version was released 3.91: – New version was released 3.90: – Some improvements and fixes were made 3.89: – New version was released 3.88: – New version was released 3.87: – New version was released 3.86: – Some improvements and fixes were made 3.85: – New version was released 3.84: – New version was released 3.83: – New version was released 3.82: – New version was released 3.81: – New version was released 3.80: – New version was released 3.79: – New version was released 3.78: – New version was released 3.77: – New version was released 3.76: – New version was released 3.75: – New version was released 3.74: – New version was released 3.73: – New version was released 3.72: – New version was released 3.71: – New version was released 3.70: – New version was released 3.69: – New version was released 3.68: – New version was released 3.67: – New version was released


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