Sugaring: meaning cosmetic procedures, operation of wax and sugar, recommendations employees

Shugaring: the essence of the procedure, the use of wax and sugar, the advice of masters

There are various methods for removing hairs: cutting with a razor (the effect is short), using a laser (the efficiency is not always high). And you can use the technique of shugaring.

Comparison of wax and sugar methods

It is important to consider the nuances:

  1. Injury level. For shugaring, non-hot caramel is used, that is, burns are excluded. And melted sugar sticks only to the hairs. The dermis is not damaged. And wax is hard to break off the skin. This means that microcracks are formed. After waxing, inflammation is possible.
  2. Comfort of techniques: using wax,

the master tears off the tape against the vegetation. And the “caramel” ribbons are torn off by growth. The second technique is considered comfortable, harmless.

  1. Ingrown hairs. Such a consequence scares many girls. Even with the use of a razor, epilators, wax, ingrowth is possible. Sugaring is not associated with this defect. This is the advantage of this technique.

And yet, with any epilation, you can prevent ingrown if you perform peeling. Then the hairs do not remain in the stratum corneum.

  1. Availability of the method. Cutting vegetation with a razor is a budget option. But the shugaring technique is also considered economical. You can find high-quality factory caramel. And you can prepare homemade caramel.

Basic option: combine 45 g of medium-sized salt, 55 ml of purified water, only lemon juice. Warm up the composition with low heat until golden.

  1. Cumulative effect. When cutting vegetation with a razor, the hairs coarsen and darken. Sugaring provides the opposite result: the vegetation softens, becomes thinner, so it’s easier to remove. Although waxing leads to a similar effect, weakening the hairs.

Raw materials, materials for self-processing caramel

It is worth preparing: caramel, anesthetic composition (local anesthesia is better, Lidocaine is suitable), depilatory strips, spatula (composition distribution), gloves (will not allow the spread of germs, caramel getting under the nail plates), cream.

Storage of caramel

The remaining drug is stored using a mini-jar, container. They are sent to the cold. After solidification, the composition is simply heated using a microwave. The mixture must not be overheated. Use a slightly warm texture.

Sugaring: main phases

Key steps:

  1. They pick up a lump of caramel, knead it, the piece becomes light.
  2. Pull the paste with a spatula along the leg, spread it against the vegetation.
  3. Hold for a couple of minutes until solidified.
  4. Tear off by height.
  5. Rinse the dermis, wipe it with an antimicrobial compound.

After the procedure, bathing procedures, sunbathing (the first day) are prohibited.


These include:

  1. varicose veins;
  2. obvious capillaries;
  3. damage;
  4. deterioration of coagulability;
  5. inflammation;
  6. rash;
  7. hypertension;
  8. pregnancy

Sugaring is a proven budget option. But the vegetation is not eliminated forever. Choosing your methodology

it is worth considering your own feelings and goals.

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