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This forum is an index, searchable by title, topic, author and purpose. The most desirable software, apps, and services.The national campaign to defeat the Affordable Care Act will be masterminded by the Koch brothers’ network of political groups. Several aides to the group—including the controversial Tim Phillips—have made contributions to the groups that oppose the ACA.

The Atlas Network, a 501(c)(3) non-profit that has already been busy writing several anti-ACA ads—one reportedly started running in Colorado just last night—is coordinating several organizations that oppose the health care law. This network, which consists of six groups, is funded by the Charles Koch Foundation and the DonorsTrust.

Formed by Freedom Partners and several allied groups including DonorsTrust, Americans for Prosperity and the LIBRE Initiative, Atlas has its origins in many of the same donors as the Koch’s political network.

Thus far this cycle, Atlas has focused on giving money to various grassroots groups. At least five of the groups have ties to the Koch brothers.

But last week, the foundation announced that it was creating a new 501(c)(4) nonprofit—the American Commitment PAC. This new group is headed by Tim Phillips, who was a former senior adviser and communications director for Americans for Prosperity. Phillips has also served as the National Security Vice President for the Kochs.

According to the IRS, Phillips has donated $1,000 each to the LIBRE Initiative and Freedom Partners. The LIBRE Initiative is listed as a donor on the Americans for Prosperity tax returns. Freedom Partners is a conduit for the Kochs’ political activities, channeling them into state organizations like the PAC.

Phillips also donated $1,000 to the American Future Fund, which hasn’t reported Phillips’s contributions to the FEC. The Kochs were major backers of the nonprofit.

Americans for Prosperity has also given to the Competitive Enterprise Institute, the Heritage Foundation, the Cato Institute, the American Legislative Exchange Council and to the Senate Conservatives Fund.

The group is apparently planning to spend $4 million in opposition to the health care law. The group already spent $2 million opposing the law in Ohio in 2011.

Their first ad will run in Wisconsin on Wednesday. Americans for Prosperity has also promised to continue to spend in a dozen other states.


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