She is Black, focused, efficient and comes in highly recommended as one of the best

That sums up Noko Maila, principal at the Bramley Primary School in Johannesburg South Africa. With a teaching experience of almost three decades, Maila has been headmaster at the same school for a record 19 years. The School’s motto is “Strive for Excellence” and it is no wonder that Maila and her highly qualified team of educators seek excellence and nothing else.

“Somaliland’s God Mother”

Dr Edna Adan Ismail commands so much global respect and adulation for her selflessness and incredible fortitude. The octogenarian has single-handedly built a hospital in her hometown ravaged by civil strife which severely scarred the country. Not only is she the vocal critic of the female genital mutilation (FGM) practice but she has also become its face as she galvanises the world against it.

The wind beneath former President Thabo Mbeki’s wings

Many people only relate to Mrs Zanele Mbeki as the former first lady from 1998 to 2008 when her husband,Thabo Mbeki, was the President of South Africa. Although she was mostly eclipsed by her husband who was always in the public eye due to the position he held, Mrs Mbeki quietly carved herself a distinct identity through her selfless involvement in community-based developmental and women economic empowerment initiatives.

First female President & CEO of the Greater Memphis Chamber of Commerce

Beverly Robertson, current President and CEO of the Greater Memphis Chamber in the US, is a successful entrepreneur, a seasoned corporate executive, a strategic non-profit leader.She holds a record of being the first female leader of the Chamber since its founding in 1838. This African American stalwart signifies strong black woman power and resilience as she takes us through her inspirational journey. Robertson was born and bred in Memphis where she later on graduated from the Memphis State University

Raising the South African flag high in Germany

Diplomats and Ambassadors are some of the posts traditionally associated by the geriatrics. But at 36 years old, Ms Roleta Lebelo is surely a young face to occupy such a respected post of a consul-general. The mother of two young boys has been deployed as the key point person in Germany’s two cities of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg. Her main task is to foster commercial relations between South Africa and two wealthiest German states.

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