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The Matriarch of Sandton’s Sandown High

Teaching school kids and learners has never been a walk in the park, more so when one is head of an entire high school where the majority of kids are vulnerable learners from disadvantaged backgrounds and communities.The irony of the Sandown High School is that while it is situated in Sandton Johannesburg not far from Sandton City, known as “Africa’s Richest Square Mile”, over 60% of its learners hail from outlying areas such as Tembisa, Soweto and nearby Alexandra Township. This is the story of 47-year-old Edith Mamosebo, the first Black female principal at the Section 21 schools which is characterised by many challenges.

She is Black, focused, efficient and comes in highly recommended as one of the best

That sums up Noko Maila, principal at the Bramley Primary School in Johannesburg South Africa. With a teaching experience of almost three decades, Maila has been headmaster at the same school for a record 19 years. The School’s motto is “Strive for Excellence” and it is no wonder that Maila and her highly qualified team of educators seek excellence and nothing else.

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