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A few days ago a user submitted a question that I would like to answer and share with all my followers:

“If I want to send any drawings to someone else I export as a DWG and send as a PDF and they are able to open the file, but once I send the PDF file, it opens on my computer and not theirs, even though the PDF file is already on their computer. Is there any way I can make sure that the PDF file is automatically shared and opened on the second recipient’s computer? I am using Cracked AutoCAD With Keygen 2012.”

As it is well known, in this type of CAD, all the files are already created on the central server as a working set of drawings, including dimension, datum and general properties.

The important part of the process is the send operation, and the options you can choose to specify the send operation. To send a drawing, you can either export it as a DXF file and then send it as a PDF file, or you can open the drawings in the AutoCAD Product Key client, change the settings and send them as PDF.

I’m sure you all will agree that the most convenient way is to use the PDF option, and we are going to see how to do it.

Creating PDF files in AutoCAD

In a typical case, you will create the PDF file as a printout to PDF file (from the menu Command –> Print to PDF) so that the recipient will receive the PDF file and will be able to open it without having the original drawing file.

A typical process:

Open the drawing.

Select File –> Print.

Select Print to PDF.

A dialog box appears.

Specify how you want the printout to be saved in PDF format. You have two options, one is to specify the size of the paper (or the paper you want the PDF to be printed on), and the other is to specify the location of the paper. As you can see in the picture, I have selected the default option that creates a single page.

If you want to choose a different location for the printout, you have to select the “Location” option, where you can choose to print to a single folder or to several folders (for example, to send several drawings to different recipients).

The PDF is created. You can also save the file in another format. The dialog box

AutoCAD 2021 24.0 Crack +


This section describes features of AutoCAD Crack For Windows in 2D drawing, including 2D measurement, text, and layout.


AutoCAD can measure and display measurements of many units, including but not limited to:

Diameter, circumference, area and perimeter of 2D polylines and 2D arcs. The measurements are taken as the shortest path between two points on the arc or line.
Distance between points on a 2D polyline.

2D text

AutoCAD can display text in the same format as AutoCAD LT and can recognize text commands and features.

AutoCAD can display text along a path.
AutoCAD can display text in other objects.
You can rotate, scale, and skew text.
You can apply special effects to text, such as shadow and glow.


AutoCAD can generate 2D plans, 2D plots, and 2D sections. It also supports commonly used 2D geometry such as angles and right angles.


You can apply filters to the objects on the drawing canvas.

The objects can be filtered by category:
The drawings. You can open only the drawings that you need. You can also clear the drawing and open it.
The layers. You can apply filters to individual layers.
The drawings or layers that you have saved to a project.
The items in the Project Explorer.
The object type:
Lines, arcs, splines, surfaces, solids, and clouds.

Image Resolution

The drawing area size and resolution can be determined by the canvas size and resolution settings. The default settings are 8 inches by 12 inches at 300 pixels per inch, but you can change them as needed.


You can move objects on the canvas or edit existing objects by using the Move and Rotate tools. For more precision, you can use the Move or Rotate tools to set the rotation center and anchor point of an object.

Snap and Grid

You can select and set your preferred origin and coordinates by using Snap mode and snap control options.

The Snap mode can be set to Horizontal or Vertical, which helps you to set the snapping points.

You can also set a snap tolerance of 0.1 (10%) or 0.01 (1%) for a more accurate location.

You can also set

AutoCAD 2021 24.0

Select “File” from the “Tools” tab.
Click the “Generate Key Code” button.
Click on “Keys”.
Click on “Generate Key”.
Copy the generated key and go to the Autocad folder you downloaded
in step 1.
Paste the key in Autocad folder and go to the Windows login menu
(Use Log In)
Select “Autodesk® AutoCAD LT 2014/2016/2018/2010”.
Make sure that “AutoCAD is the default program” is checked.
Click on “OK”.
Start Autocad and log in.

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List of applications with native file dialogs


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MSDN description

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What’s New in the AutoCAD?

This tool works in the 2D drawing window as well as in the CAD workspace, but its behavior is different in each case. In the 2D drawing window, the tool creates a temporary annotative drawing that you can inspect or see the drawing in its raw state. In the CAD workspace, the tool works in the same manner as the annotations, but you can see the drawing changes in the 3D editing workspace.

For more information about working with the feedback tool, see Importing Feedback.

Automatic Annotation Creation and Editing:

Annotation creation, editing, and more are all done automatically. A single click is all it takes to draw text, create 3D axis, circles, arcs, and other annotations. Annotations created in this way are automatically edited when you edit your drawings.

(Video: 1:15 min.)

For more information about using annotations, see 3D Annotations in AutoCAD.

Grip-Pad Release for on-screen or hands-free 2D viewing:

With the introduction of the Grip-Pad hardware keyboard accessory, you can now interact with a 2D drawing in either a hands-free or on-screen manner.

(Video: 1:12 min.)

You can choose whether you want your drawing to appear in its entirety, with the background hidden, or just parts of it displayed. You can then use the number pads of the Grip-Pad to activate navigation features such as pan and zoom. You can also use the numbers on the Grip-Pad to move around your drawing.

The Grip-Pad releases your hands for editing when you finish using it.

Grip-Pad Basics:

Grip-Pad input and editing are fully customizable. You can customize the number and position of the number pads for the Grip-Pad, and the position of the on-screen buttons in the drawing display. You can also customize the display position of the Grip-Pad.

(Video: 1:12 min.)

Grip-Pad output is fully customizable. You can set the default output style, and you can also set the number of number pads to use in output.

(Video: 1:12 min.)

For more information about Grip-Pad editing and the Grip-Pad hardware, see the Grip-Pad documentation.

Importing the full contents of a ZIP archive into a

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

This mod has been tested on:
Windows 10 Version 1903
Apple macOS 10.12.6 El Capitan, 10.13.4 High Sierra, 10.14 Mojave
Apple macOS 10.11.2 El Capitan
Apple macOS 10.11.1 El Capitan, 10.12 Sierra
Google Android 4.0 and above, Android 5.0 and above
Mod Configuration:
PC users, feel free to alter the configuration as you wish, but please do not change

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