A Nigerian female music megastar making global waves but still rooted in her African culture

Tiwatope Savage, affectionately called Tiwa by her legions of fans, is not only a global songstress but also a cultural ambassador for her home country, Nigeria and the continent at large. Although she sings in English and travels the world, Savage still sings proudly in her Yoruba language and her music
marries Afrobeats, R&B, pop and hip-hop. She grew up listening to the traditional Nigerian music that her parents regularly played in their

Africa’s Wealthiest Woman With A Heart of Gold

She has grit, perseverance, patience and determination and this is none other than billionaire businesswoman and philanthropist Folorunsho Alakija. The Nigerian super lady is one of the few women who have bravely entered the maledominated business area of oil and gas industry.She is the richest woman, not only in Nigeria but in the whole African continent with a net worth of over $1billion.

The Matriarch of Sandton’s Sandown High

Teaching school kids and learners has never been a walk in the park, more so when one is head of an entire high school where the majority of kids are vulnerable learners from disadvantaged backgrounds and communities.The irony of the Sandown High School is that while it is situated in Sandton Johannesburg not far from Sandton City, known as “Africa’s Richest Square Mile”, over 60% of its learners hail from outlying areas such as Tembisa, Soweto and nearby Alexandra Township. This is the story of 47-year-old Edith Mamosebo, the first Black female principal at the Section 21 schools which is characterised by many challenges.

MBALI DOOKA Recently went on a mission to climb Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

Mount Kilimanjaro is Africa’s highest peak at 5,895 meters. The majestic mountain is a snow-capped volcano and ranks as the fourth highest peak in the world. While climbing Kilimanjaro, most days are not very hard because the trails are not steep and it’s mostly dealing with the altitude that can be challenging.However, the summit night is extremely difficult as this is the coldest and windiest section of one’s adventure.

“My positive attitude to life and fun-loving; go-getting nature is something definitely got from her,” says Tager.

She owns a successful Equestrian Centre which operates out of Waterfall Equestrian Estate (school of riding facility called Waterfall Equestrian Centre), which offers top class facilities in a safe and fun environment for children and adults across all age groups. She currently owns 28 horses and will soon be moving to her new well equipped and state-of-the-art facility.

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