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AHKShortcutLikeMac 0.3.1 Free Download For Windows (Latest)

Key list:
* New Mac-like shortcuts to access apps.
* Quickly access and manage windows.
* A broader menu system.
* Insert delimited lists.
* Built-in help system.
* Quickly adjust the transparency of windows.
* Reset Windows explorer back to default.
* A dozen or so customizable shortcuts.
* Open specific file extensions using a custom hotkey.
* Enable or disable filetypes that can be handled by the AHKShortcutLikeMac.
* Adjust file search settings on startup.
* Indicate the program that you are currently using as well as a custom icon.
* Redirect printouts to a specific folder.
* Duplicate a line of text and format it using a macro.
* Edit document file lists.
* Copy currently selected file using custom hotkey.
* Switch between different app views.
* A better workspace switcher.
* Avoid previewing files.
* Create directories using the Windows command line.
* Open a file given the path and file extension.
* Toggle hidden files.
* Change the active window back to default.
* Toggle transparency of current window.
* Show/hide hidden folders.
* Use the Windows Terminal.
* Get the full path to a file.
* Toggles letter on letter toggles.
* Enable or disable the use of Caps Lock key.
* Move the active window to another workspace.
* Disable focus stealing prevention.
* Toggle CAPS LOCK on/off.
* Open my computer shortcuts.
* Toggle recent document and recent folders windows.
* Move current file to a different directory.
* Toggle container list.
* Open the Windows command line.
* Toggle Explorer’s recent files list.
* Open the program that is currently run.
* Open the last directory.
* Open the list of recently used files/folders.
* Open the Windows command prompt.
* Open the Windows Terminal.
* Open a specific file using the system default association.
* Open a specific file using a custom association.
* Open a new instance of the selected file using a custom association.
* Search the Windows registry for a file.
* Run a specific application using the Windows default association.
* Run the specified file using the default application.
* Rename files.
* Change the current directory.
* Switch workspace.
* Toggle zoom.
* T

AHKShortcutLikeMac 0.3.1 Crack+ Free

AHKShortcutLikeMac is an App that allows you to use Mac OS-like hotkeys in Windows.

The app is free and doesn’t require an installation. It includes dozens of new hotkey possibilities that make using Windows and Windows only software easier, while at the same time allow access to Mac OS X specific functionalities. AHKShortcutLikeMac is an App that allows you to use Mac OS-like hotkeys in Windows. It brings Mac OS hotkeys to Windows, allowing you to enjoy a plethora of simpler ways to manage windows, access folders, get around an editor, or access apps. Being able to customize the existing hotkeys or allowing new slots for a few custom shortcuts would add to its value.
Fantastic features:
* Hotkeys for toggling the different windows.
* Hotkeys for folders.
* Hotkeys for toggling the visibility of files.
* Hotkeys for access of the different folders.
* Hotkeys for navigate to specific folders.
* Hotkeys for manage the folders.
* Hotkeys for access to a third party tool.
* Hotkeys for access to start the Windows Terminal.
* Hotkeys for access to start the command console.
* Hotkeys for access to start Bash.
* Hotkeys for access to the Clipboard.
* Hotkeys for launch the Notepad.
* Hotkeys for access to your installed software.
* Hotkeys for access to the list of installed software.
* Hotkeys for launch of your preferred language.
* Hotkeys for access to the previously opened file.
* Hotkeys for access to the new opened file.
* Hotkeys for access to the desktop.
* Hotkeys for access to the different screen.
* Hotkeys for access to the Quick Access menu.
* Hotkeys for access to your tasks.
* Hotkeys for access to the recently opened file.
* Hotkeys for access to the recently closed file.
* Hotkeys for access to the pinned file.
* Hotkeys for access to the pinned folder.
* Hotkeys for access to your profile.
* Hotkeys for access to the Favorites folder.
* Hotkeys for access to the Organize menu.
* Hotkeys for access to the Power Save menu.
* Hotkeys for access to the Sleep menu.
* Hotkeys for access to the Shutdown menu.
* Hotkeys for access to the Restart menu

AHKShortcutLikeMac 0.3.1 Crack + With License Key

Try out a new way of using Windows that takes the advantage of a new MacOS-like system of hotkeys. Use them to manage Windows, access documents, folders, launch applications, and more. The script is easily to use and requires no installation.
What do I get with the AHKShortcutLikeMac?
– A wide and comprehensive hotkeys menu that contains dozens of MacOS-like hotkeys, from Ctrl + C/V/O to F10 (among others)
– A faster method to navigate around in a document (by pressing Ctrl + 9), or change a specific window property.
– It is easy to suspend or pause the script.
You get to have a Mac-like solution on a Windows platform.
Choose the default options or let the script determine the hotkeys.
• Personalize the hotkeys menu using a wide array of new hotkeys.
• Install AHKShortcutLikeMac without the need to have any kind of preference.

System requirements:

When you download the file, you get the extension.onw.
When installed, the script adds an icon in the system tray to the right of the clock.

A quick list of the new shortcut keys:

• TitleFormatting (F2)
• Toggle title formatting (F3)
• Toggle title visibility (F4)
• Toggle space after the title (F5)
• Toggle space before the title (F6)
• Toggle title wrap

These are not the only shortcuts available. There are dozens of other hotkeys you can use to accomplish the same task.

Special thanks to:


What’s New in the AHKShortcutLikeMac?

It is free and runs on Windows, as well as on Mac.

What’s New In This Release

Version 2.1.1 for Mac
A few weeks have passed since the previous release. A few problems have been fixed and some new programs have been added.

Version 2.0.1 for Windows
A few weeks have passed since the previous release. Many bugs have been fixed and some other programs have been added.

Version 1.4.7 for Mac
The last minor release for Mac. Only minor fixes have been added, but with that said, AHKShortcutLikeMac 2.0 is now available. The Mac version is a standalone application. Other versions can be downloaded for Windows and Linux.

Version 1.4.5 for Windows
One of the major additions to this version is the integration with the Windows Terminal.

Version 1.4.3 for Windows
AHKShortcutLikeMac now officially supports the Windows Terminal.

Version 1.3.3 for Windows
A major set of changes have been made in this release.

Version 1.3.2 for Windows
Many fixes and minor changes have been made in this release.

Version 1.3.1 for Windows
A minor set of changes have been made in this release. A number of bugs have been fixed.

Version 1.3.0 for Windows
This version includes a great number of bug fixes. Also, a few minor additions have been added.

Release history:


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System Requirements:

Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista (32/64-bit)
Mac OS X 10.3 (or newer)
DirectX 9 Compatible game card (optional)
1024 x 768 resolution or greater
Built-In audio (ALSA Compatible)
OpenGL 2.0 compatible video card (For Online Gameplay)
Minimum system requirements are at a minimum.
OS: Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP



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